What do I need to start playing in Casino Mercury?

All you need is to enter Mercury lobby and to complete the registration form.

How do I complete the registration?

To start the registration please go to Registration, follow the instructions and complete the form given there. To do it you'll need account name and password, valid e-mail address and confirmation you agree with Casino Mercury rules.

Please, get sure your account information is safe from other people. Do not share it with anybody and let nobody play through your account. If you have any troubles with being registered, please contact our Customer Support.

Can I use one account to play for practice and for real?

All you need — is one account for playing both for practice and for real. You can change playing mode whenever you want just by clicking “Play for real money” in commandment window.

How do I make deposit to my real account?

To make deposit to your real account you have to complete the registration first and you should set Real mode in your profile. After it's done go to Cashier in casino's lobby . There you choose a payment method and fulfill the registration form. When you do it you start having money on the balance and since then you're able to bet with real money. Please notice that some transactions cost may appear depending on payment method you choose.

How do I make deposit to my fun account?

You will get deposit amounted 1000 virtual units on your fun account automatically after Your left the game and enter casino's lobby. Note! You should have less then 50 virtual units on your balance.

Is it free to open and maintain my account?

Yes, it's completely free. There is no charge neither for starting an account nor for the following maintenance.

What do I do if I forget my login and/or password?

In case you forget your login and/or password you go to Registration and enter Remind me login and/or password. There you follow our simple instructions and we'll remind you login and/or password via your mail address.

How do I change my account's login and/or password?

To change your login and/or password you should contact our and we'll gladly complete your query.

How do I close my Mercury account?

To close your account you have to withdraw all your balance if any and then contact our Customer Support. We will take care of your account closure.

What do I do to update my personal information?

The only thing you have to do is to contact our Customer Support, describe the needed changes and the mission is complete in a few minutes.


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